Norman Brodeur


The Night:

Norman Brodeur Williams wrote his first award winning novel at the age of 28, which was highly appreciated by readers. Thought critics did not leave him from criticizing. This story revolves around a man who is fighting with his luck, society and its rituals. Fighting to come out of the false rituals made by the society he got his answer one night that completely changed his life. The story is all related to the secret of that night.


Curiosity is Norman’s first thriller novel that helped in breaking his image of writing only romantic novels. The story is of a group of 5 friends who falls in one after one problems while following their curiosity. This book was also gained huge appreciation from the public.

My Love For You:

This story is inspired by Norman Brodeur Williams’s own love story. He dedicated this novel to his wife and his two beautiful children. This love story shows how love can change one’s life. The story revolves around a couple and the tough situations of being in love. Norman Brodeur Williams says, “ My wife had only problem and that was time, I could not give her enough time”, He adds but she understood me very well and here we are celebrating our love together.