About – Norman J Brodeur

Norman J. Brodeur

Norman J. Brodeur At university Norman Brodeur Williams was known for being an individualist. Pursuing his interest, he contributed to the school’s magazine and other departments too. Best moment of my life was, when I was awarded at graduation ceremony for being a great and amazing writer, says Norman Brodeur Williams.
After the completion of his studies, Norman assisted many best authors of that time. At the age of 25, he arrived in New York City and struggled for several years. Before releasing his first work, he worked at many places for his survival and consider those days the lessons that helped him in completing his first book. His first book “The Night” won immediate acclaim and there he moved forward towards success. Norman Brodeur Williams, the success credit to his reader as he says that Author and reader have a natural give and take relationship.

Personal Life:

In addition to his writing, Norman Brodeur Williams is known for a peaceful family life. During a writer’s seminar he met his wife, who was then hosting the program. Norman’s wife is also a writer and a host who have presented many FM and TV shows. Norman Brodeur Williams is extensively known for his charitable work . He devotes most of his time in charitable causes.

Literary Career:

After writing The Night, Norman Brodeur Williams never remained away from limelight. He published “Curiosity” and “My love for you” just after his first novel, which was widely appreciated by his young followers. He says that somewhere his wife was the inspiration behind the novel “My love for you”, he adds that the origin of this novel is based on our own love story. Norman Brodeur Williams won many awards for his first book including national award.
He has been criticized by many reputable and recognized authors but he again proved himself, which was the big hit of the time. This novel received appreciation at an extensive level.

Themes & Styles:

Norman Brodeur Williams has an ironic influence on fiction. He is best known for his fictions, romantic and thriller novels. Norman’s fiction combines narrative modes and authorial voices. While being interviewed, Norman said that most of his fictions are related to society and its culture. Whereas Thriller novels were just his childhood dreams. “Curiosity” is his first thriller novel which gained a good response and broke his image of being an author writing romantic novels.