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Norman Brodeur

Norman Brodeur

He originally hails from New Tripoli, PA, USA and is the son of Norman J. Brodeur, Sr a US Navy veteran and a Lieutenant in New York Police Department and Yvonne Brodeur. He has three sisters. He is currently based in Irvine, CA, USA, married and has 2 children aged 10 and 13. He is a dedicated family man that supports his family as much as he can. Having been a lifelong New York Yankees fan, he also coaches Little League baseball in Irvine, CA and was noted for winning a championship. Among his other interests are Crossfit and attending live musical performances. He adheres to the philosophy of “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.” as expressed by one of his favorite musicians, Jimi Hendrix. Aside from coaching Little League baseball, Norman J. Brodeur is also involved in the community and charities such as: Orange County School of Performing Arts Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports the school’s tuition-free artistic programs as well as its Capital expansion plans. Best Buddies - Miami Florida. The Best Buddies program is run by volunteers so as to integrate people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with employment opportunities and leadership development. St. Gregory’s Church - Plantation Florida. A church that offers services to the community of Plantation, Florida with ministries that ranges from Adult Faith Enrichment, Outreach Ministries to Ministry to the Sick and Elderly.

Norman J.Brodeur

Norman J. Brodeur is an American Venture Capitalist, film producer and currently the Managing Partner of William Nichols and Associates. Norman J. Brodeur is known for providing venture capital to promising business ventures. He is a recognized serial entrepreneur who has the operational experience of taking a company from its founding through a successful exit. William Nichols and Associates is engaged in innovative structured investments with high quality emerging growth companies whether public or private globally. Norman J. Brodeur has 20 years of extensive experience in the financial services industry and investment banking.William Nicholas and Associates is a trustworthy financial partner making progressive structured investments to high-quality rising growth companies; public and private, around the world. Our professional team and advisory board are an enthusiastic group of industry experts committed in working with our portfolio companies and partners to increase innovation, productivity, and profitability. Company’s approach towards investment is open minded, listening to management and thoughtfully assessing the potential for success. WNA seeks to be a value added partner, utilizing significant experience and extensive network of relationships with investment bankers, industry experts, and our advisory board.

Norman J. Brodeur is a successful venture capitalist who believes in understanding the originality of entrepreneurs and appreciate their strength. According to him, it’s the responsibility of a venture capitalist to support these creative and unique founders as they have the capability to turn a seed into a beautiful flower. They are the founders of amazing and enduring companies.

Professional Mission

Our mission is to develop a preliminary business model and take a management role in institutionalizing investment in the regional as well as global venture capital market. By developing long lasting ideal partnerships, we strive to offer support and reassurance for the growth and advancement of the underserved small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) which lacks the necessary resources for growth and expansion.

Objectives of life

Norman Brodeur chose the path of support in life. He wants to help those who are passionate about making their entrepreneurial dreams come true but also those who are facing difficult times in their lives. That is the reason behind his membership to various groups which share his motivations.


Our vision is to be the leading regional and global venture capital, helping to drive business growth, and supporting the social and economic development of the companies, be it private or public. We aim to maximize shareholders’ value and clients’ wealth, and add a new dimension to our venture capital business.

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Norman John Brodeur
Believe in your heart of hearts this will be your Greatest year Ever. Write down your goals read them 3 times a day then go to work on them. 

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Norman Vision
With great mindset and knowledge of Value Investing – Asset Management – philosophy of great investors ( value). My vision is to set High business standards and to get associated with big names.


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I would like to thank " Norman Brodeur" and team for the excellent Motivated Business Seminar. Norman chose the path of support in life. He wants to help to achieve Entrepreneurs Dreams.
Ammy Milner / Work at Joseph LLC
Norman Brodeur is very professional and client-focused, and is particularly adept at addressing entrepreneurs' dual requirements for personal financial planning and corporate finance/fundraising strategies.Norman Brodeur is also involved in various charities and local community organizations due to his aim of helping the less fortunate. With great mindset and knowledge of Value Investing - Asset Management - philosophy of great investors ( value).Norman vision is to set High business standards and to get associated with big names.I am very inspired by Norman Brodeur Business training. When I was attending his training.Thanks
Christopher Ghigliotty / Self- Employed